~ ZOID ~

Legalize Member ID: zoid
Female from Raleigh, NC
IRC.WEBCHAT.ORG #Marijuana Chat

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~ Bio / Blurb ~

Real Time Smoker Support Chat, on a stable server,
WebChat, unnecessarily maned 24/7 for almost 3 years.

Entertaining: Tokers & Friends, Geekos, Insomniacs,
Net Freaks, Idle Nicknames, Assorted Shady Characters,
Male, Female, IRC, free, public forum.

Follow the chat link above.
You can reach this chat on IRC,
in your chat client of choice.
type /server irc.webchat.org
type /join #Marijuana

~ Reasons to Legalize ~
High Fellow Members!

Come discuss the obvious! reasons why bud should be legalized.

Share stories and exchange ideas or idle,
whether you're a consumer or grower,
in a relaxed atmosphere.
We are a 24/7 public forum.

Support the Supporters!

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