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48 year old Male from Medford, Oregon
medical marijuana,laws,how to grow big buds

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Legalization is just right around the corner,you can be part of it. Get your Free website today!!!
Know All The Laws Of Every State
Marijuana Medical - Your Complete Bootleg Bud Bible
By "Rick Maughs"
The "Medical Marijuana" Farmer
Don't miss out on this "How To Grow Marijuana" Guide. "Richard Maughs" is one of the finest growers in the world. He has lived in the mountains every summer for the past twenty-six years. He became a legend in Northern California, slipping through the fingers of the law. He reveals every trick he ever learned in this text. His incredible real life stories of how he grew thousand plant plantations from A to Z, Guerrilla Style. He spent five years as a political prisoner because he was the first test case of Medical Marijuana by contract in 1997. He was over the mandatory plant count so the Feds stepped in. Don't ever let this happen to you! He is featured in many World Wide news articles; "Know Your Rights," A Practical Guide For "Medical Cannabis Patients," "Caregiver applications," "Physicians applications," and "how to contact doctors that prescribe medical marijuana.He will organize clinics to help Qualified patients become State Certified."

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Say yes to safe Access! With the passage of modern "medical marijuana laws", getting the most out of just one or two plants is essential.We have non- profit "Medical Marijuana organizations". Rick's main goal is to provide a "Safe access to Medication" for State Qualified Medical Marijuana patients. Rick's growing experience will help increase the amount and quality of medicine from every plant.
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Your Guide to Medical Marijuana on the Internet </font></strong></small>

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