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Congratulations—You've located Amsterdamerica's secret portal! This is the ONLY covert meeting place for America's MOST ambitious underground "FUN" movement ... and now you have the opportunity to join us on our MANY adventures!

1) Are you interested in any of the following?

electronica - psychedelia - stoner rock - obscuro garage - hardcore - marijuana muzak - concept instrumentation - distortion fx - mixing & sampling - performance art - video art & wall projections - stenciling - sticker & flyer campaigns - covert activism - frontline activism - internet activism - the world media - u.s. laws vs. international laws - hypnotic futurism - leaflet propaganda - custom action figures - international correspondence sites — How can YOU get involved TODAY? You can start by posting our link on EVERY "cool" site in cyberspace (blogs, boards & posts!) ... By doing so you are linking us to the world, and expanding our beautiful movement in the process ... TRUST US!

2) Are you a musician, artist or activist?

This is the ONLY portal on Earth that unites fun and innovative "herbal" activists/artists of the future!

3) Interested in joining the freshest marijuana musician/artists coalition in America?

We are a coalition of several musical groups, acts, and creations, and are presently seeking both male and female performers (of all nationalities) for several diverse ensembles — contact for the latest news. Here are the members of the coalition...1) Amsterdamerica (Exotic Activist Psychedelia) 2) World War 5 (Anti-War Activist Group) 3) Caspiot (Live Futuro act) 4) Frosty's Lonely Sargeant (extreme art creationalism) 5) ROM (noise/neo-punk revolution) 6) Abonimable Rayon Hi-Fi (sci-fi experimentation) 7) Porn Rebellion 2077 (erotic electronica) 8) Chassity & Her Harness (porno-electronica) 9) Tires on Fire (post-apocalyptic) 10) Shit Revolution (hardcore decoy) 11) Distorted Micro-Dot (freakfest) and more!

~ Reasons to Legalize ~
1920 - 1940: Imperial Economic power in the United States begins to consolidate in the hands of a small number of oil, steel and munitions companies, laying the foundation of the national security state. DuPont becomes the U.S. government's primary manufacturer of munitions. DuPont later creates Rayon, the world's first synthetic fiber, from stabilized guncotton.

1925: Concerned by the high number of goof butts being smoked by off-duty servicemen in Panama, the U.S. government sponsors the Panama Canal Zone Report. The report concludes that Marijuana does not pose a problem, and recommends that no criminal penalties be applied to its use or sale.

1931: Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon (head of the Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh, one of the two banks with which DuPont did business) appoints future nephew-in-law Harry J. Anslinger to head the newly-formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

June 1934: Congress passes the National Firearms Act, the first prohibitive tax in U.S. history. The National Firearms Act was a futile attempt to reduce machine gun-related violence by gangsters -- a direct result of the prohibition of alcohol, and an eerie echo of the current state of affairs in the United States.

1936 - 1938: William Randolph Hearst's newspaper empire fuels a tabloid journalism propaganda campaign against Marijuana. Articles with headlines such as Marijuana Makes Fiends of Boys in 30 Days; Hasheesh Goads Users to Blood-Lust create terror of the killer weed from Mexico.

Through his relentless misinformation campaign, Hearst is credited with bringing the word "Marijuana" into the English language. In addition to fueling racist attitudes toward Hispanics, Hearst papers run articles about marijuana-crazed negroes raping white women and playing voodoo-satanic jazz music.

1936: DuPont obtains a patent license to manufacture synthetic plastic fibers from German industrial giant I.G. Farben Corporation. The patent license is obtained as part Germany's reparation payments to the United States after World War I.

A few years later, I.G. Farben manufactures deadly Zyklon-B gas, used in Nazi death camps to murder millions of Jews (along with many homosexuals and drug users). DuPont owned and financed approximately 30% of Hitler's I.G. Corps.

1937: The year the federal government outlawed cannabis.

-- DuPont patents petrochemical manufacturing processes for making plastics, as well as pollution-heavy sulfate/sulfite processes for producing wood pulp. For the next 50 years, these processes are responsible for 80% of DuPont's industrial output.

April 14, 1937: The Treasury Department secretly introduces its Marijuana tax bill through the House Ways and Means Committee, bypassing more appropriate venues. Committee chairman Robert L. Doughton, a key Congressional ally of DuPont, rubber-stamps the bill.

Spring 1937: Congress holds hearings on the Marijuana Tax Act. Dr. James Woodward, representing the American Medical Association, testifies that the law could deny the world a potential medicine.

Cannabis was already prescribed for dozens of common ailments, and medical researchers were just beginning to explore the therapeutic benefits of the numerous active ingredients in Marijuana. Woodward said that AMA doctors were wholly unaware that the killer weed from Mexico was actually cannabis. "We cannot understand yet, Mr. Chairman, why this bill should have been prepared in secret for two years without any intimation, even to the profession, that it was being prepared," Woodward testifies.

December 1937: The Marijuana Tax Act is signed into law, initiating 60 years of cannabis prohibition and annihilating a multi-billion dollar industry.

April 2007: The 1st concept bands launch—the sticker and stenciling campaigns begin!! Launch COVERT sticker, flyer and music campaigns in YOUR community TODAY—Join the game!

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