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~ Colonel Pepper ~

Legalize Member ID: owpepper
59 year old Male from Quincy, CA
Colonel Pepper, Colonel Pepper's Coffee House

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~ Bio / Blurb ~
Colonel Oliver Wimbleton Pepper IV ESQ> BMI
Falling Figs Music, BMI
AKA Trey Haltom
AKA Madhavendra Puri
Quincy, California

~ Reasons to Legalize ~
Colonel Pepper for President

Howdy from Colonel Pepper,

Some people dislike the Republican Party, and that's a shame. I believe the best way to change something of a political nature is to change it from within. I prefer to remain a loyal to the GOP as a voting member, and will offer my service to this country as President.

Stranger things have happened in the past; Abe Lincoln was a dark horse, and WON THE ELECTION, a remarkable achievement for a country boy. So never procrastinate to estimate the necessity of unpremeditated events,

Please join my team, today! You can register to vote in the elections, make a contribution to the GOP, and I sure hope you will take the time to do so. Come to my GOP HQ

My motto is "It's high time we elected a President that inhales and doesn't lie about it". I will immediately, upon being sworn in, begin the process that will abolish laws that should have never been passed in the first place. This is a constitutional right of all Americans, just as it is a right for any qualified person to become a candidate for office.

I am exercising a constitutional right, and hope you will support this effort.


Trey Haltom
Colonel Pepper
Falling Figs Music, BMI

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