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51 year old Male from Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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After AIDS patient Jim Wakeford won his constitutional challenge for the right to use marijuana for medical purposes, I applied for and in Oct/99 received a Section 56 Exemption from Health Minister Alan Rock to grow and use cannabis for medicinal purposes.
Cannabis has helped me where no pharmaceutical has been able. In 1998 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and with that now comes depression, fatigue, nausea and a loss of appetite. My stomach is weak and has been giving me trouble most of my life. In the last few years, every couple of days, it’s ‘911’ time, with vomiting attacks (12hr episodes). Also I have some muscle spasms/pain and related nerve damage from a cervical fusion (C-5, 6 & 7). In 1999 my Doctor put me on interferon/ribaviron for 11 months to try and eliminate the virus and it very nearly killed me. I suffered extreme side effects and my doctors were of little help. Without my marijuana I would not have been able to endure the 3 needles in the gut each week. After dropping 60 lbs, things have turned around and I’ve gained 35 back. I got rid of the pharmaceutical cocktails and began to regain some health. My liver can’t handle the pills. With cannabis I have found a more 'friendly' way to help manage most things. I was lost in a pharmaceutical fog and I had no idea how mixed-up my system had become. Depression ruled. SSRI drugs like 'Paxil' also had very dangerous side effects on me. Tylenol 3’s, percocet, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants were hurting my liver and had my stomach bleeding. Why do doctors get away with experimenting on me like a guinea pig with pills? How is it that even 'death' becomes an acceptable risk factor or side effect of many pharmaceuticals? IMHO, the friendly pharmacist has the deadliest drug outlet in any neighborhood and pharmaceutical companies are the deadliest "Drug Pushers"

~ Reasons to Legalize ~
4 Million Canadian cannabis users are not criminals.

Next, the ‘newest’ Medical Marijuana Regulations in Canada are unconstitutional and the government is being sued accordingly to right the situation.

Bad Laws = Bad Cops :-( The police continue to harass, arrest and jail innocent cannabis patient/growers. Legalization will save a million patients and their doctors from the bureaucratic/legal nightmare that is now in place.

Jim Wakeford
Aids patient, legendary medical crusader

Grant Krieger
MS patient, legendary medical crusader

Cannabis Culture Magazine
Canadian med-pot harassment:

420 Marijuana Headline News for November 15, with Richard Cowan Patients in Canada Fight For Their Rights – And Ours

Cannabis Culture Magazine
Canadian Med-Pot Farce

"The Emperor Wears NO Clothes", by Jack Herer,
is the W-5 on cannabis. A MUST Read!

Acquire the video of DR. David Suzuki's documentary,
"Reefer Madness 2" (CBC - The Nature Of Things)

GRASS: the movie - Most Excellent! Narrated by Woody Harrelson Classic clips and rare footage in a historical look at cannabis and how it was made illegal.

Our drug policies are miserable failures. In Canada, approx. one hundred and twenty four (124) simple possession' charges are laid daily. Meanwhile, poll after poll show Canadians do not approve of the laws.
Our federal police spend $500 million annually enforcing these bad laws. Less than 5% of that 1/2 a billion goes towards any treatment or education. We must fight to end the criminalizing of a plant and the millions of citizens/patients who choose to use it. It is Prohibition that is deadly. It has corrupted our law enforcement agencies and our governments and has/is creating a powerful police state. Our rights and freedoms are being raped away from us un-opposed. Soon we could be no different/better off than the United States. We are being sucked into the whirlpool of their massive W.O.D. & W.O.T.
'Legalize It' now and the madness that prohibition creates will disappear, just as it did when alcohol prohibition was repealed. Please get active! It makes a difference when you pressure your politicians for change. Write letters and more letters to the editors of the newspapers. Attend your marches and rallies. Tell them all to…


Steven Bacon (sonnyboy)
Peace and good Budz be yours :)==U```

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.- Rudyard Kipling

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