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Legalize is an interactive website that empowers ordinary Americans to speak out for liberty.  By bringing together online activism with street petitioning, Legalize provides communities across New York and our nation an effective vehicle to connect with their elected representatives.

The Legalize trademark represents your own voice saying "Legalize".  The public isn't interested in lengthy political arguments and pays zero attention to City Hall demonstrations.  But hearing friends, family, and co-workers speak out has an enormous impact on our fellow Americans.

Legalize seeks to:

  • Empower Youth by providing our generation a voice in politics.  Young Americans are politically apathetic because we never meet elected officials with whom we identify and who campaign on issues relevant to our lives.  Legalize is grooming a new generation of leadership. We need youth ready to represent.

  • Legalize Same-Sex Marriage.  Marriage is society's most fundamental institution.  It promotes healthier and happier lives and fulfills a critical role in supporting our communities.  Marriage is the God-given Right of all Americans, gays and lesbians included.

  • Legalize Marijuana.  There are over twenty million Americans who smoke pot at least occasionally.  We don't deserve to go to jail or lose our jobs for our choice of lifestyle.

  • Legalize Nightlife.  Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani banned dancing in bars by dusting off Prohibition-era Cabaret Laws.  Our current Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned smoking as the centerpiece of his unpopular first term.  New York City's bars and clubs provide 27,000 jobs to young actors, artists, DJ's and musicians.  Protecting the nightlife industry is vital to preserving our city's vibrant youth culture.

Scott Jeffrey founded Legalize in 1996 to legalize marijuana. Since then, first dancing and then smoking were criminalized in New York City.  Jeffrey ran for New York Governor as the Libertarian candidate in 2002, championing marriage equality before it became popular.  Last year, Jeffrey relaunched Legalize to incorporate his broader pro-liberty agenda.

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